About VIVO

Let’s get this straight. Here at VIVO Fitness, we care about two things:

client satisfaction and honesty.

We care more about your success than our own. If you succeed, so do we. Looking out for our clients’ best interest helps our company provide the innovative and award-winning turnkey solutions it does. We want your facilities to be the best they can be.

At the same time, we want to be honest with you. Honesty is a rare thing to come by in the fitness industry. We understand you want to be told nothing but the truth about your projects. You don’t want us to make you happy by telling you we can deliver something in 6 weeks when it’ll really take 10. We get that.

That’s why, at VIVO Fitness, the relationships we cultivate with our clients are as strong and long-term as our equipment.

Here, you can find fitness solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you want quality equipment for your home gym or custom-made rigs for your professional fitness facilities, our team can deliver it. You can see some of the turnkey solutions we’ve designed and implemented from start to finish right here.

When you work with us, you’ll realize we take a consultancy approach instead of a sales approach. It’s not about just giving you the equipment, it’s about what value we can offer that best suits your specific needs. We’re always focused on how to add more value to your experience. Bang for your buck. That’s why we went from just providing equipment, to providing rigs, flooring, and complete facility design.